Now & Future

“Forged By Love”

“The Sword of Hope cuts through lies and partial truths, destined to establish reign and break down barriers to better tomorrows – where the hurt and suppressed no longer need dwell in sorrow while sacrificing their diligence, and our children may look to horizons now welcoming their inventions.”

– Athena Stairs, January 16, 2022

Song Lyrics
Romantic Poetry
Mind’s Eye Visuals
Spoken Word Views
Writings, Screenplays
Voice-over Recordings
Sound Mixing and Editing
Video Creation and Editing
Electronic Music Composition
World Rhythm Doumbek Drumming

I am a romantic introvert learning to enthusiastically embrace the art of external expression while exploring and practicing the above skills.

My roots began by observing the world around me and philosophically pondering how things work, why they sometimes do not work, and what could be solutions.

I have mainly focused my work and advocacy efforts in entrepreneurship niche markets in order to ensure that I always contribute positively to society.

Discovering that crows are very intelligent and like to think out of the box like I do has inspired my design and logo.

Regarding my editing process, please note that what I post one day may be revisited and edit-upgraded that same day (or another) as I move forward and seek to improve presentation.

It helps my writing process to post on-the-fly and capture essence of what I’m feeling, then later go back to adjust spelling and hone clarity.

I present a broad range of Light to dark thematics: ascensions beyond Heaven to digressions through Hell = Adult Content “viewer discretion advised.”

Also, please contact me first if you wish to use my work. At the very least, please give me the original credit.

Other artists’ work posted is meant to promote them: no infringement of any kind is meant, nor intended.

I hope you will enjoy what you find here – and that we will work together in mutually beneficial collaborations!

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Athena Stairs, Founder And Creative Artist
(Established 2018, Photo 2017)